How To Enable SSH Key Based Authentication on Dell CMC IDRAC

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In this howto I will describe how you can enable ssh key based authentication on Dell Blades CMC IDRAC. This will help to manage large number of Dell Blades CMC’s in Datacenter specially in Cluster Environment. You might be using root/calvin or your defined user/pass to login in CMC for management work using web or ssh but to access Dell CMC on ssh key based authentication (password less), you need to use only service account. Dell CMC has limitation, you can only use svcacct (user=service) for ssh key based authentication.

1) Setup SSH Key on Linux

First you need to create an ssh key for your user

-t it can be either dsa or rsa, passphrase is optional, its depends on you whether you give or not. I will choose no passphrase.

Confirm you have generated the public key.

where id_dsa is your private key and is your public key. You will need public key to upload to Dell CMC.

2) Managing SSH Public Key on CMC using RACADM

Fist assure you have install latest version of racadm package on your machine to do the task. The user for ssh key based authentication on CMC should be svcacct (service), others will not work.

Check before upload your ssh key to Dell CMC that it has no other keys already define, you can have 6 different keys at one time for svcacct.

To view all keys on your CMC

To view only key at a time, replace all with number (1 – 6) using -k switch,

To add a Public Key use follwing command

where p is for privilege (here we are giving full) and -f for the ssh public key file.

You can also add public key using key text instead of file

Reconfirm the public key has added using following command,

 3) Access CMC

Now issue ssh command to access with user service

It will help you to manage large of CMC’s you have in your Data Center specially in Cluster Environment.


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