How To Fix Kernel (3.7.2-201) version.h file in Fedora 18

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I came across an issue while installing ATI Radeon Catalyst drivers on my new Fedora 18 installation. It kept failing by saying one of the required tool is missing to proceed further with installation. By looking into log file, I found that it try to access one of my install kernel 3.7.2-201 header file named version.h in /lib/modules/3.7.2-201.fc18.x86_64/build/include/linux/. Its a bug and kernel 3.7.2-201 devel rpm i.e kernel-devel-3.7.2-201.fc18.x86_64 miss installing version.h in /lib/modules/3.7.2-201.fc18.x86_64/build/include/linux/ location.

1) Fix

Additionally kernel-header of same install kernel rpm provides this file in /usr/include/linux directory. To fix the issue you need to copy the same required version.h file to /lib/modules/3.7.2-201.fc18.x86_64/build/include/linux location.

First check the file is of the same kernel version.

After confirmation, copy the version.h to /lib/modules/3.7.2-201.fc18.x86_64/build/include/linux location.

After fixing my ATI Radeon driver installer starts working without failing for any dependencies. For a note Fedora 18 still dont have official ATI drivers and I end up installing akmod-catalyst driver available in rpmfusion repository.

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