HowTo Install YUM on CentOS 5.2 VPS

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This howto describe how to install yum on CentOS 5.2 VPS. VPS (Virtual Private Servers) usually comes cheap to install, administrate and manage LINUX with administrated (root) priviliges. In this way you have fully fuctional LINUX available to work on it. But some of the host provide very basic template of CentOS 5.2 for VPS which only install minimal amount of software to run these VPS. I came across one of my VPS with very minimal installation and which doesn’t have YUM install in it. YUM (Yellow Update Manager) is a very necessary tool now a days to install any software from internet using online repository without getting any getting problems of dependencies.

So I decided to install yum software with all depended softwares from site using rpm command. First you have to get to any mirror site of CentOS which contain CentOS 5.2 rpms.

1. Installation

The best part of this howto is you have to just install the necessary softwares and everything will be ready after install. The following packages will be needed to install YUM software successfully.

  • yum
  • python-elementtree
  • python-iniparse
  • python-sqlite
  • rpm-python
  • python-urlgrabber
  • yum-metadata-parser
  • m2crypto

It may be possible that some of the above software are already installed and may be some more depended software needed. For more software you just have to add any other depended software full URL to the following command which i will used to install yum.

rpm -Uvh

As soon as installation completed, you have fully functional YUM is available and now you can use any command to test successfull installation, usually i used

yum list

To check the available software for distribution I am using.

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5 Responses to HowTo Install YUM on CentOS 5.2 VPS

  1. […] Pre-requisite of atomicrocketturtle repository is yum, you should be confirm that you have yum install specially on CentOS. Some of the VPS comes without yum installation, so if your server doesnt have yum on CentOS 5.x, use following my post to install yum. […]

  2. Hello, have You got a solution for 64bit Centos?

  3. Hi,

    You can do the same just use x86_64 repository instead of xi386/i686 and resolve any dependencies of it.


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