Node Health Check Script in Cluster

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Node health (hardware/software) is very critical in cluster environment. Whether you run a lot of web servers in load balancer or having compute node in High Performance Computing setup, each node is critical which is been used for any type of work. It has to be healthy to run processes we need to run. This script created to check node health before using as a compute node or any service in load balancer. If all checks run fine then node will be mark good and will available to run in production.

1. License

GPL. You can add/edit/delete script to fit your need. Please do share your edit to enhance the script.

2. Functions

Script is created using functions. Every check is based on function, so to perform any check or not is depends on whether you call the function or not. Just make to call function or not in the Main Section of the script and it will run as per your need. Even you can add/edit/delete as per your need to make changes in script.

3. Checks

Following checks are made as per my need.

  • Loadavg
  • Memory / Swap
  • CPU
  • Ethernet Speed
  • Infiniband
  • NFS Mounts
  • NIS Server
  • MCELog (Machine Check Event, hardware error reporting)

You can create your own checks and add to the script for enhance checking.

4. Script

Here it is

or press to download. Download Script

To run the script run following command.

 5. Enhancement

You can add/edit/delete any function inside script to meet your need but do share your edits to let us improve the script for maximum checks.




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