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One of our cluster running cobbler provisioning software required to install several nodes with RHEL 7.1. When I tried to upload an ISO image of RHEL 7.1 to the cobbler, it stops and shows an error that RHEL 7.1 is not available in signatures. Signatures defines which OS cobbler can support for provisioning. By running following command you can list available signatures available for your cobbler installation.

If your cluster is connected to internet, you can update signatures files straight away using following command, it will update it with latest

But like me if your cluster is not connected to internet directly then you will required to download latest signatures files from following website and upload to proper location. Following steps should be follow to do it

1 .Download Signature file

Download signature file on your workstation

2. Upload to cluster

Upload the signature to the cobbler management server

3. Restart Service

Restart the cobbler service to take effect.

RHEL 7 version are available and you can go with your install.

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